Bailment pool style dump bodies built as turnkey units for quick & easy installation and quick lead times

Brandon Contractor Bodies

The New Standard for the Modern Dump Body

Brandon understands the importance of hard work and efficiency on the job site. That's why we offer contractor bodies designed to transport your hard work with ease. Contractors need tough, reliable trucks that can withstand the demands of construction sites. Whether you have a half-ton truck or a severe-duty vehicle, Brandon has the perfect body to make your job easier.

Our contractor bodies are specifically designed for contractor applications, including the Contractor Body and Mason Body. With Brandon, you can trust that your truck bed is built to handle the toughest jobs, so you can focus on getting the job done right

We continue to innovate within our manufacturing process by using the latest technology to create the standard for excellence in our industry

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Tailgate Latch

The mechanism used to secure the tailgate in the closed position during transport and release it for dumping.

4 D-Rings installed inside the box

Four “D”-rings installed inside box (one in each corner for tie down) standard in each body


The hinged portion at the rear of the dump body that can be opened or closed to control the release of materials during dumping. These can be manual or air operated.

Under body Hoist with 4" bolt on Subframe

Patent Pending - Brandon Underbody hoist with 4” bolt-on sub-frame for quick installation (brackets provided)

Fold-down Sides

Sides that can be folded down to create a flat surface for easier loading and unloading of materials. Usually used with smaller contractor/landscaper bodies

Cab Shield or Cab Protector

A protective barrier located between the dump body and the truck's cab to prevent materials from damaging the cab during dumping.

Tarp/Tarping System

A covering system, often made of canvas or vinyl, that is used to cover the contents of the dump body to prevent spillage during transport as well as protecting the material from weather conditions during transport. These can be manual, electric or air operated.

Coal Door Option

Cylinder cage option

Cylinder cage option, allows for the installation of a telescopic cylinder with or without an electric

Double Acting Gate

A tailgate that can be used in two different ways, one as a traditional dumping tailgate and the other to fold down the gate to create a flat surface for easier loading and unloading of materials.

Color Options

Sandblasted, primed, and painted with heavy-duty epoxy (various colors available)


Featured specs

  • Available dimensions: 9' / 9.5' / 11' / 11.5' / 12'


Featured specs

  • Available dimensions: 8'6" to 12'


Featured specs

  • Available dimensions: 8'6" to 18'


Featured specs

  • Available dimensions: 8'6" to 16'

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